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Northeast Montana Health Services

"Committed to improving the quality of human life in our community."


Community Benefits and Financial Assistance

At Northeast Montana Health Services, we recognize that medical expenses are often large, unplanned, and create further stress at a time when your primary concern is health, rather than financial issues. Please inquire at our Business Office for important information on payment options, discounts, insurance processing, refunds, and questions about your bill.


Hello, my name is Slaton Reynoldson, on Friday May 18th, I was hit by a drunk driver while working with BNSF Railroad near Brockton, MT. I just wanted to say thanks to all of the EMS personnel who provided excellent care to me. Me and my family truly appreciate everything you did to get me stabilized and transported to Poplar Hospital.

Slaton Reynoldson
BNSF Railroad worker

what a great staff they have, a lot of smiles from them all.

Geralyn Rhoads Dillard
Wolf Point, MT

"The relationship between a patient and a provider is just as important as any medication administered" -Dr. Z (Mark Zilkoski, M.D.)


Thank you Northeast Montana Health Services for saving my life when I had a heartattack!

Bonnie Bechtel
Poplar, MT

Very caring, friendly attentive staff. Very pleasurable stay.

Kathy Pedersen
Wolf Point, MT